Massage Fort Wayne

Art of the Heart Therapies

Integrating Spirit, Emotion, Mind & Body


Voted A Readers Pick 2009

Nominated 2010, 2011, 2012

"Best of Fort Wayne" 


We may be a small group of dedicated therapists, but boy, are we mighty in our work! 

Quietly, with little fanfare (we blush easily), just "'plain awesome" Tranquil Touch!  So we are told.  Check us out for yourselves.


If you are a discriminating client looking for the very best way to step out of the whirlwind of your life, schedule a session and have an 'experience', not just a massage 'rub'.


Our beautiful location includes peaceful session rooms and an environment designed to nurture you on your journey to peaceful relaxation.  Designed to assist you to step out/away from the chaos of your day to day routine and rejuvenate yourself.

We are professional therapists who take great pride in creating a deeply relaxing experience for each and every client. Sessions are woven to induce the best relaxation response from each individual ... allowing stress and pain to be left far behind.

  We strive to give an exquisite experience to every client and we do this by limiting the number of sessions each massage therapist does in a day.  This insures the last client of the day receives the same quality of service as the very first client of the day.

 "rejuvenated" ..."excellent" ... "one of the best sessions ever" ... an incredibly Tranquil Touch ..."the enhancers are tremendous" ... are just a few of the comments we have heard time and again at Massage Fort Wayne & Art of the Heart Therapies.


 The basic Integrated Wellness Massage and Integrated Deep Muscle Therapy  are designed to be used as tools to support your personal wellness program and when combined with enhancers and natural/organic products give an experience that is unbeatable!

 Receiving regular massage therapy has been proven to enhance health and well-being while reducing the impact of living in a stressful world. Our low rates allow Integrated Wellness Massage or Integrated Deep Muscle Therapy to be a part of your monthly budget for regular Fort Wayne massage.  

 Relax. Let your stress melt away as you receive an Integrated Wellness Massage  or Integrated Deep Muscle Therapy  with enhancers from some great therapists!


At MFW, you receive basic therapeutic Integrated Wellness Massage  or Integrated Deep Muscle Therapy,  with a Tranquil Touch at a great rate in Fort Wayne, Indiana, confident in the knowledge that ALL therapists are professional, ethical, & have actually attended basic on site state approved school training.

Therapists are members in good standing of a national massage therapy professional organization. They are committed to upholding the highest standards of the professional massage therapy industry.

   Therapist's take pride in their commitment to continued education in outstanding hands-on training with some of the best teachers available and travel to attend trainings.  They return from these trainings steeped in new knowledge and ways to create even more amazing sessions for our clients.

A final note. Chronic/acute conditions needing to be addressed with massage therapy will be referred to specialized massage therapists.