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Holidays Are Upon Us!

December 1st, 2013 • Posted by Bonnie May Barlow • Permalink

Hustle and bustle of this glimmering time of the year is cranking up.
Look around as this season progresses and find as many ways as you can to extend kindness into the world.
A smile. A held door. A parking spot given up. A taser kept holstered. Someones lunch or coffee purchased. A hot drink for the bell ringer. A meal delivered to the live alone elder down the block. Old blankets, sheets delivered to the local animal shelter.
Items placed in the barrels at almost every store in town. Hand written notes of gratitude to the service providers in your life. Get creative with your kindness. Encourage everyone in your life to do the same. A kindness revolution. now that would be grand!

Just be Kind folks. Be Kind.
Until next time.
Blessings on your walk.